Data Management Platform

iNimbus DMPiNimbus DMP is unique to the Australian market. iCumulus launched the Data Exchange on the back of working with premium data publishers over the course of the past 15 years helping them monetise their visitors. iCumulus works for clients on the collection of prospects contact data for clients. It is a natural progression to include cookie data when building prospects. This enables a multi-channel approach when contacting prospects.

It is commonly known that the line in each programmatic campaign that delivers the best overall results is the re-targeting. The next major issue generally is how to expand on the data pool to retarget against. 3rd party data from the exchange allows the ability to find look-a-like audiences or very close matches to the ideal target audience.

Key Uses of the Data:

  • Custom Audience builds – facebook and google
  • Look-a-like audience build
  • Programmatic targeting for Display
  • Online Video targeting
  • Creative decisioning

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