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Re-targeting is generally known as the line in a programmatic campaign that delivers the best overall result. One of the most common issues involve the steps required to expand on the data pool to re-target against the existing data. This is where 3rd party data from the exchange comes in, as it has the ability to find look-a-like audiences or close matches to the ideal target audience.

Key USP’s:

  • Permissioned – Consumers are made aware of the benefits of the placement of the cookie on their browser – a more relevant experience across the WWW. Privacy policies are changed to disclose the information captured and an opt-out link to provided.
  • User engagement – Data is collected based on the user’s responses – click based.
  • Real – time – Data is available for re-targeting immediately after collection.

The Data:

  • Profile – Age/sex/class/location.
  • Interest – 15+ primary Interest verticals available – IAB categories.
  • Explicit Intent – Via survey style questioning consumers have indicated a time period to which they are interested in a vertical
  • In market – Cookies set to 90 days.
  • Our taxonomy has over 250 lines enabling a broad range of targeting capabilities.


  • Australia’s Premium data marketing publishers – 50+ partners.
  • Permissioned – we have collected this information from consumers who have opted in.
  • Recent – All Data is available in real time.
  • User activation – all data collection is post click.

Key Uses of the Data:

  • Custom Audience builds – Facebook and Google.
  • Look-a-like audience build.
  • Programmatic targeting for Display.
  • Online Video targeting.
  • Creative decisioning.

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