Backend Developer

Title: Backend Developer

Date: May 18


iCumulus is a team of Direct Response experts. We provide a full suite of services for clients focused on the generation of consumer responses. These multi-channel campaigns are focused on the convergence of data and digital media.

The Role – Backend Developer

We are working on a number of innovative projects that will feed our growth within the digital data marketing and programmatic media buying space. We are building our small tech team and below are the key required attributes


  • Develop and lead API building and integrations..
  • Work on PHP/ROR to deliver a state of art scalable solution.
  • Report to the Project Manager and other stakeholders with Project delivery.

Technology Skills:

  • Backend proficiency, with strong knowledge of RoR(preferable) or any BackEnd technology.
  • You will put your problem-solving skills to a test in designing normalized databases.
  • You will implement common interfacing formats like JSON and XML while dealing with RESTful APIs.
  • You will create applications using MVC frameworks.
  • You will be compelled to ask questions that expose flaws and gaps, while keeping an eye on the database’s stability, security and scalability.
  • You are passionate about writing clean, optimized code that is maintainable and scalable. You mostly live in the worlds of servers, request and response.
  • You are exceptionally good at Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures, and large-scale applications, databases. – Bonus points if you have experience on multiple scripting languages like Python or Ruby on Rails, strong command on Nginx configuration and on NoSQL solutions.
  • You have experience working on AI/chatbot integrations with Dialogflow, IBM watson, or any other technologies.

Soft skills

  • You are able to estimate your tasks with accuracy and work on strict deadlines.
  • You are good at referring to documentation for tasks and work with business analyst to understand the workflow and documentation.
  • You are a team player and have the ability to lead by example.


Casual, hourly rate.

Hours of Work:

It’s a casual job requiring 2 days of work (roughly 16-18 hours). Since we work at UNSW 2 days a week, you would be working with our team on the campus.


UNSW Campus Sydney

Start Date:


Reports to:

Product Owner – Ankit Kapoor

Head of Development – Payam Mousavi


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